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Our Fragrance 

Our fragrances are of professional-grade, clean, phthalate-free fragrance that are unique, sophisticated and created using fine fragrance oils and pure essential oils directly imported by us from renowned manufacturers around the globe.

Tea Cup and Saucer

Signature White Tea

( Classic Favourites ) 

Soothing & Fresh

Scent Intensity 3/5

Soothing & Calming It is a tea that has always been indulged by emperors & royalty for thousands of years.  Absolutely soothing & calming fragrance with top notes of white flower petals and citrus accompanied with a hint of ginger and white black tea. Lastly, with a base of musk and sandalwood. 


This is definitely one of our all-time favourites! ☕️


Signature Dusty Rose

( Classic Favourites ) 

Feminine & Floral

Scent Intensity 3/5

Tee’s blend of fresh Roses with the combination of blooming peony and slight hints of woods. It’s almost

similar to having an everlasting fresh bouquet in your living space.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyday!🌹

Lavender Fields

French Lavender

( Classic Favourites ) 

Stress- Relieving & Calming

Scent Intensity 4/5

We strive to have our lavender identical to freshly picked lavender flowers - bursting with floral aroma. Reminding us of how it is just like walking through a lavender field in the heart of summer. 


Our soothing lavender scent notes consist of bergamot, French Lavender, lemon, rosemary, amber & cedar.

Tea Time

Afternoon High-Tea

Refreshing & Oriental

Scent Intensity 5/5

A refreshing citrus aromatic fragrance with top notes of bergamot, lemon, cucumber and earl grey tea with a hint of soft florals with a base of musk, amber, cedar and softwoods.


Perfect for an elegant & Sophisticated Afternoon Tea Ritual. ☕️

Cherry Blossoms

Sakura Lychee

( In Season ) 

Fruity, Floral, & Sweet 

Scent Intensity 4/5

A perfect fruity - floral combination of sweet lychee fruit & exquisite softness of sakura petals.


This can’t go wrong. 🌸

Citrus and Flowers

Fleur D' Mandarin

( In Season ) 

Fruity, Floral, & Refreshing 

Scent Intensity 3.5 /5

Brings us back to the whiff of orange blossoms field in Morocco 🍊

Hello summer! Freshening up your living space with our unique blend consisting of orange blossom, freshly sliced mandarin oranges and tangerines with clean base notes of Mangos.

Ginger Lemon Drink

Signature Green Tea

Soothing & Refreshing 

Scent Intensity 4/5

An uplifting & soothing blend of refreshing bergamot and green tea suitable for every home. 🌱

Fragrance notes consist of Bergamot, Lemon, Green Tea, Jasmine and Amber



( Classic Favourites )

Cheerful & Feminine 

Scent Intensity 4/5

A sparkling white peach sangria fragrance made from a blend of red wine with slices of ripe white peach and juicy oranges. 


Perfect to keep the mood cheeky and cheerful. 🌸

Cheers! 🥂

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