Oriental / Musky Notes

Also known as “Amber”, oriental is a large sophisticated fragrance class that features scents like vanilla. Breaking down the oriental fragrance group results in more specific scents like soft oriental and woody oriental.

White Bed Linens

Milky Way

A deeply soothing floral-musky scent. Uniquely woven with a milk accord and with a heart of ambrosian, the fragrance is an absolute olfactory embrace.

Top Notes consist of Green Leaf accompanied with middle Notes of Florals such as Jasmin and Violet. Lastly with a Base of Musk, Vanilla, Tonka, Woods, Heliotrope.


Signature Dusty Rose

Tee’s blend of fresh Roses with the combination of blooming peony and hints of woods. It’s almost similar to having an everlasting bouquet in your living space.


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