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By Tee & Co ( The21Tee ) is a Singapore-based artisanal hand-pour soy scented candle brand established by Nicia (or better known as Tee here!) in 2020.


We first started out as "The 21 Tee", as Tee had this idea to start up a candle business when she was 21. So everything was put simply together, and voilà " The 21 Tee". 

However, we have decided to rebrand ourselves in 2022 to "By Tee & Co" to account for all the companies she had through the hectic festive period, late nights in the studio and everyone supporting her since day 1.

Despite a new look and brand in 2022, our team remains no change. Our main focus is to keep the cost of the products pocket friendly without having to compromise on quality remains.

Additionally, apart from being kinder to our mother earth, we also strongly believe that we should contribute back to our community whenever possible. Hence, a portion of our profit is donated to local charity drives/campaigns monthly. 

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